Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jan 15, 2018 Special Changes - Juchitan

Dear Mom and Everyone,

Another interesting week with the big event of special changes. I also got better so we started to work normally again. So, the first day back we were contacting a lot. We were able to find a few people kind of interested. Oh, and we were having some problems with the house owner so we gave them a 30-day notice so we were looking for a new house to. So, we were walking a lot to find a place. We did find some really cool houses but they were all super expensive so we didn't find one while I was there. Thursday was really cool we so we had contacted a guy that was outside his house leaning on a truck. We started talking and he was like hey, can you pray for my dad? So, we went and offered him a blessing. The dad had an accident about a year ago and can’t walk well anymore. It was cool because they said if we came and helped them out they would do want ever. we invited them to pray and they did, and the read everything we gave them. But the funny part was on Thursday, after we taught they were asking about the misión and I was like well maybe I’m heading out of the area pretty soon because I had like 4 months there, and my comp gets a call from Pres saying that I was going to Juchitán. So, Friday we had a Little activity and I got to say good bye to most of the members. Saturday, I left.

Them today we got to help destroy a church that we are going to rebuild you’ll be getting the pictures soon. 
 P-day last week with his 2 companions

 Eating with his Companions last week

 The Apartment Wall
 Goodbye Party for Elder Olsen

 And his bags are packed  

 The Bus Depot saying Goodbye

 Onto a new adventure.  Off to Juchitan

 Demolishing a Church
 Let the Service Begin

 Love our Elder Olsen
I love you all,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jan 8, 2018 Divisions Again Still Sick

Dear mom and everyone,

This week was slow again, Tuesday I went to Rio Grande. It was a good day I got to meet another kid in my zone called Elder Christensen. He’s a little quiet but a good kid.

Wednesday, we had divisions with Elder Knapp the assistant. I was still a little sick so I stayed in the house that day but we went out for English class and branch council. Thursday was the same, Friday I went to the doctor and he gave me some pills to take. and in the afternoon, we went to the mission prep class to help out. Then we had our branch family home evening. Saturday, we had one lesson but I barely remember anything from it. And Sunday I was starting to feel better so we went and had a few lessons with some recent converts and an investigator 

Sorry about the short letter but I just didn't do much this week. They do set goals here but I think they give it up in 3 days instead of 2 weeks. The new class was cool, a lot of good idea in how to help other and yes, I go to elder’s quorum. It’s hard to be in a trio because there are more ideas and its was already hard with 2 heads Haha

Well I love you all

Jan 2, 2018 Happy New Year

Dear Mom and everyone,

These last two weeks have been fun but a little slow on the work. Like I asked in the call, I got two new companions, Elder Galeana and Elder Ellsworth. Galeana is from Michoacán he has 6 months left in the mission, He’s the other zone leader with me. Elder Ellsworth has about 5 months in the mission, I think we are supposed to help him with his Spanish because he’s going to train soon. He’s from Las Vegas. 

This last week Was a little bad. Monday, we had the call. That was super cool. Tuesday Elder Ellsworth got sick and we did divisions so I was in the house all day. Wednesday, Thursday I got sick so I was in the house all day. Friday was ok I had to go do an interview and we needed an interview so we did divisions again and I got to work normal but in the other area. Saturday was super cool. An RM, Elder Orrock came to baptize one of his ex-investigators so that was cool and we got another baptism. Sunday was completely dead everywhere so we went to a member’s house and made Tlayuda. We bought a bunch of stuff to put inside of them and they were super tasty. After that we went home and just talked till like 1130

Today we had our district activity. We played a bunch sports, soccer Volleyball and then I made Hamburgers then came out really good.

Oh, sorry I was in the house all week so I haven’t been able to send pics so I’ll start doing that again.

Well kind of short but we couldn’t do much. 

 Mitchell Loves Klondike Bars.  They remind him of his Grandma Joyce
I love you all

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dec 25, 2017 The Christmas Call

Elder Mitchell Olsen’s Christmas Call
We were fortunate enough to visit with Elder Olsen on Christmas Evening.  We weren’t sure exactly what time he was going to call because we had to find out what his brother Garrett’s work schedule was the day (he works at the movie theater and has to work on Christmas) and we didn’t find out until Monday night after his pday was over.  So I emailed him and asked him to call at 5 pm and that way Garrett would be home and be able to talk to him.  Well, all was going well, until dinner was going to be an hour late.  I wanted to be done and cleaned up before the call.  So I announced to the family that I didn’t care what the kitchen looked like, we would all sit down and talk to him and then clean up.  Well, it ended up he was going to call at 6 pm.  We were able to finish dinner, clean up and sit and enjoy the call.

We were all together as a family.  Allan, My dad, Grandpa Ray, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Clarke, Lauren, Dennis, the kids, Spencer, Dani and Aaron, Connor, and Garrett were all there.  We used Google Hangout and recorded the call.  He called from some member’s house (it looked very nice) and he used an IPad with head phones.  We had pretty good reception and we could hear him perfectly because we got a new sound bar for our tv.  He had had a pretty low-key day.  They had a few appointments and visited some families during the day.  The weather was nice that day, about 85*.  It’s very humid there and usually always warm.  He looks good and skinny.  He begged us not to let him drink pop when he gets home.  He was never this thin even when he was in the middle of band.  All of his cloths are too big and I told him to go buy some new pants.  He said he would.  His shoes are holding up and he is doing good that way.  He has 2 companions. One is a Zone leader with him and the other is training to become a trainer.  The one that is Zone leader is from somewhere in Mexico and the other is a gringo (can’t remember where he’s from).  They just got new bunkbeds and mattresses and the poor newbe is sleeping on a blow up mattress that deflates every night.  They were working on getting him a mattress.  He likes his branch and there are about 120 members.  They are in the largest branch and area.  They live about 10 min from the beach and they go running past the beach every morning.  There is a cruise ship that comes in once a week and they like to go down and greet the people.  He just had a baptism in the branch that is about 30 min away.  And they are working with a family that the husband is already married and needs to get a divorce.  This is very common in Latin America and makes it hard to get people baptized.  They call the wife a dry Mormon because she can’t get baptized until they get married and he has to get a divorce first.  So we will see how that turns out.  The likes the food and they get fed every day around 2 pm.  Sometimes the members send food home with them and sometimes they eat with the members.  He likes to eat with the members and visit and get to know them better than going back to their apartment to eat.  He has access to most everything there and there is a couple of grocery stores he shops at.  There are also little stores on every street so he can get anything he needs.  Water is delivered to them so they have clean water from a 5 gallon tank.  He is having cold showers right now because there is something wrong with the water heater.  The tank is on top of the roof and it doesn’t work.  He ate cricket (a delicacy there in Oaxaca) in front of us.  He doesn’t like them but he doesn’t hate them.  (I cringed). He likes his Mission President.  He is hard nosed with some things and easy on others.  He’s a good teacher and has learned a lot from him.  He got his package and opened it up early with Elder Vasquez because he knew he was getting transferred.  He also gave the gifts out to his Zone that I had sent them (socks and homemade caramels).  They ended up with two new sisters after I had sent the package, but he shared the caramels with them.  Br. And Sis. Johnson had left and that was hard to say good bye.  They took good care of the missionaries.  They always had food at their house and Mitchell was there a lot especially on Mondays pday.  They aren’t being replaced so now he has to have his laundry sent out. He was able to wash cloths at their house.  We talked about movies and which ones he needs to see when he gets home.  He was going to go see Coco at the theater that week.  Pres. Conde approved that. There’s no earthquake damage near him and he’s only been to the area hit the hardest once.  They are still having earthquakes and people are afraid to go into their houses because they are not built well.  He wants to send a package home of the things he isn’t using. We talked about school and that he wants to go to BYU-I in January.  Connor is going to get him set up for classes next year.  There are 4 parts to his mission, the capital, the beach, the mountains and the desert.  He just doesn’t want to go to the desert area. The only time he will go to the temple is if one of his investigators goes through the temple and he has to live in the capital.  It would take 3 days for him to go to the temple now in the area that he lives in.  It’s 9-12 hours on the bus and then they would have to stay over an extra night to get the bus back.  So going to the temple isn’t an option right now.  His brothers had fun teasing him about his Mexican Spanish but to me he sounded great.  We were able to talk to him for almost 2 hours.  He finally said it was time to say good bye.  We all gathered around to take a group picture. Then we had him bare his testimony in Spanish.  We told him we loved him and that we couldn’t wait for Mother’s Day and then he was gone.  It felt so good to see him and hear him and listen to his stories.  He is doing well.  He loves the people of Oaxaca and loves the work.  We are so proud of him and we know he is where he is supposed to be.  I love being a Missionary Momma.  I miss him tremendously, but I wouldn’t want him anywhere else.

Saying Hi when we first connected
 Elder Mitchell Olsen looks happy and healthy and skinny
 Laughing that the members call him Elder Rojo because he turns red everytime he laughs or gets embarrassed. 
 Bearing his Testimony and Saying Goodby.  Mom telling him how much she loves him.  Doesn't want the call to end.
 The Family Christmas Picture

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dec 18, 2017 Early Changes Goodbye Johnson's and Elder Vasquez

Dear Mom and everyone,

This was a pretty sad and interesting week, Tuesday we were planning on going to Coyul, we were making calls and plans in the morning and we found out that the baptisms were postponed and the people couldn't go so we had to cancel going. We then had to make up the day as we went so we couldn't do a whole lot Tuesday. 

Wednesday, we had a bunch to do but in the end almost everything fell through. Although we did end the day with a really cool lesson branch council and tacos with Johnson’s and the sisters so it came out pretty well.

Thursday, was another busy day that had everything fall through, this time we did go to Coyul and when we got there nobody came so we went out and looked for some people and only found the mom of the investigator, we talked to her about getting her son married and came back. then in the night we went to a referral from Johnson and found a really cool part member family. The daughter is doing super well right now.

Friday, we Had to do some interviews in Santa Maria that eat up our whole afternoon, the we had a goodbye party for the Johnsons.

Saturday, we had a full day with a lot of cool lessons, and we had to wash because the Johnson’s were leaving and so was my comp so we had to take advantage. we end up being able to do everything and have dinner in a cool restaurant with a member. 

Sunday the Johnson’s left after the meeting and everyone said good bye, then we had to go and say goodbye and make it to two good bye things for elder Vazquez. it was interesting but we got it done it was a good day. 

Today I was the only elder here for about 5 hours, I almost stayed with the sisters, but then I went to a member’s job and got super bored but it was probably better.

My comp got changed and almost call of the district so that was interesting. The Johnson’s have left and there are none coming so that’s sad but whatever. I can do the call whenever Garrett can, when does he work? Felicidades to Erin and to Hunter!

Love you all

 Opening Christmas Presents with Elder Vasquez

 Mini Light Sabers

 Saying Goodbye to Elder Johnson

 Saying Goodbye to Elder Vasquez