Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 2, 2018 World Cup, Ribs with the 70 and Investigator bore his testimony

Dear mom and everyone,

This week was fun, I don't have a lot of time so I’ll give the highlights. 
This week there were elections in Mexico so everyone one was really worried, so on Saturday we bought groceries in case we couldn't leave today and Sunday we had to be inside at 6. In the end nothing happened. Thursday, we ate with a seventy that lives in our area. They made us ribs and invited us to play tennis today in the morning, so I played tennis for the first time ever, it was interesting. Then they gave us permission to watch the World Cup so they gave us waffles for breakfast and then we watched the game, Mexico lost :/. But I still want to buy the Mexico soccer jersey. Oh, and we bought stuff to make hamburgers for 4th of July so that’ll be fun. Oh, and something really cool, one of our investigators bore his testimony yesterday and it was super cool to see the change he had made. As soon as he gets married he and his family will get baptized. 

Welp that’s about it, I love you all,
Expecting Rain?

 Little Caesar is Everywhere

 Living the Dream.  Tennis in Oaxaca

Ribs with the 70

Waffles with the 70

June 25, 2018 Divisions

Dear Mom and everyone,

So, this was a fun week with a lot of divisions, Tuesday we started in district meeting and I brought Elder Melenje to my area, he's from Columbia and he got there a week before. He was getting used to the culture, we had beef soup for lunch and he got burned by the little spicy that it was. We went contacting most of the day and found a few people. 

Wednesday, we went to a town called San Francisco Tutla, They we found a lady that had had 2 strokes and could barely talk along with her daughter. We had a cool lesson and then we went with a less active.

Thursday, I went to Tlaxiaco, my comp stayed for some Elders in the city. We went contacting most of the day and visited some less active that they had visited for referrals, and none of them had talked to anybody, but at night I had the biggest hamburger I’ve ever had. It had two patties a bunch of tomatoes onions and jalapeƱos a handful of bacon a slice of pineapple a slice of ham and a handful of cheese. I could barely get my mouth around it but it was good.

Friday, we went to Tlalixtac in our area, we saw a few members but before my comp helped some people carries things from the bus to their house and we started talking to them. They are really cool. it was a mom and her son and his wife. they just had had a baby a month ago so we talked to them about eternal families. and they really liked it. Then that night we went with some less active, the took us home and bought us tlayudas, I told her to send some pictures to you because I didn't have my camera and before I knew it she was calling you. It was probably a good think you didn't answer. 

Saturday, we were looking for a house all day and we found a few but they are really far away from the church so we'll go there if we have to. Then at night we had English classes and went with a family to ask for some help with and inv. 

Sunday, we have a seventy in the ward and his son got home from the mission so he gave his homecoming talk and a lot of people showed up. so, it was a good Sunday.

Welp I love you all 

Mitchell sure is enjoying the cuisine of Oaxaca

 Tradidional Tlayudas
 Mexican Hot Chocolate and Traditional Pasteries
Cleaning the building
Visiting after Church on Sunday, June 24th

Black Bean Salsa one of Mitchell's favorite snacks
Hanging out on P-day with Elder Johnson
 Elder Johnson Study Time
 Elder Johnson primping and pampering before they head out to hit the streets of Oaxaca
 Elder Johnson Trying to decide what to eat...oh the struggle
 Oh, the struggle of a Missionary
 Elder Hirsch and Elder Johnson

 Happy 4th of July.  I'm thinking that this must be a box from Elder Johnson's mom

The Friday after Father's Day, Grandma Linda took us out to dinner because we were gone.  While we were at Texas Roadhouse a Ward Member from Mitchell's Ward sent me some pictures of him while he was eating dinner and tried to call me to say hi while she was with him.  Because it was so loud in our restaurant I didn't hear my phone ring.  I didnt' even see these pictures until a couple of days later.  What a fun surprise and it was a blessing I didn't hear the phone ring.  

June 18, 2018 Elder Johnson & Zone and District Conference

Dear Mom and everyone,

So, this was a fun week. Monday, Elder Ledesma went around saying goodbye to a bunch of people and we saw a lady, she said that she was waiting for us and that she wanted us to give a blessing to her daughter who has cancer. President then sent me a message to say that we need to go to a person’s house to give a blessing and it ended up being the same lady. We went to a cool member named Andres, he made chicken crepes to say goodbye. 

Tuesday was fun. So, because of the teachers here (there was a blockade in the street. That’s what they do in Oaxaca) we didn't know where the buses were going to be, (it was transfer day and because Mitchell is Zone Leader it’s his responsibility to get the Missionaries on and off the buses to go to the right areas) so I asked the assistants a few times where they were and they didn't say anything until an hour before saying they didn't know and we had to look for them. So, we frantically called a few members and ended up getting there in time. When My comp got here we went to give a blessing to the lady we met the day before. We had a lovely conversation and we realized that we helped her other daughter carry a water jug a few days before. So that was a nice end to a crazy day.

Wednesday, we had leadership council, we just talked about how to help the other missionaries set goals and make plans. Then we got home and did some shopping. I introduce my comp to a few members and we ended with a lesson with Oscar, Adriana and their daughters about the word of wisdom. They said they would accept it because God says so. Again, a good end of the day.

Thursday, we had our zone conference, again we talked about goals and plans. 

Saturday, we went and met some new people tracting and we ended the day watching the youth devo, it was really cool I really liked it.

Sunday, we went and talked to some new investigators and took them to church it was nice.

Today we just did the normal, we cleaned the house and went shopping.

Well, I’m still trucking on we are getting close to a few baptisms and it looks like I’m going to end in this area. My comp is cool. He is a lot of fun and works really hard so this should be a fun change.

I love you all
Zone Conference

Elder Olsen and Elder Johnson eating sushi
Gospel Principle Sunday School Lesson Schedule.  Mitchell's last Sunday will be Sept 2nd.

These are all of Mitchell's planners for his mission.  So cool

District Meeting