Tuesday, August 28, 2018

August 28, 2018 Second to Last Week

Dear mom and everyone,

So, everything is coming in on me, it’s becoming real now but I don’t want that to affect me. So, this last week was a lot of fun. On Tuesday we went on divisions I went with Elder Howard, he's a new elder and doesn't really know Spanish so it was a fun day. We had some appt. and I was able to teach him a lot about mission. He's worried about the other missionaries not letting him be obedient. Then at night we had the best tacos I've ever had. Some members there have a really nice taco place with gourmet tacos and they gave it to us for free. It was amazing, they have like ribeye tacos and stuff like that. They got me something that I don't even know what cut it was it just tasted super good. 

Wednesday, we went and helped a less active move that was really fun. We had to go to an appt and come back because it lasted so long but it was a lot of fun. Thursday, we ate with the seventy again. He gave us really good fajitas. We ended the night with an FHE. An hermana that is coming back to church gave a really good lesson on faith, then we played goof your neighbor and Uno. Friday, we had divisions again. I went to Mitla. It was ok. I did an interview and we didn't end up eating until 8.30pm but its ok. I survived on fruit and bread. 

The next day was one of the missionary’s birthday so we bought him pizza for lunch before we finished. Then we had English classes that went really well. It was well attended. Then we had another FHE and the hermanas made Garnachas. 

Sunday and today Johnson has been sick but he wanted to go to the Centro so we went. I bought some more things and yes, I have plans almost every night with members that want to say good bye and a lot are helping me with the things I want to do before I go. Well I think I have everything I need to go home. Well see you in a week. I can't wait.

I truly know that Jesus Is our Lord and Savior. I know that He suffered for our sins. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet called of God and that he saw God and Jesus Christ. I love The Lord and what He has done for me and my family. I know that this is His work and that I am just an instrument in His hands. I know this gospel changes lives.

I love you all and see you in a week

Elder Olsen

August 20, 2018 Trio Over...

Dear Mom and everyone,

So, this was a long week with a lot of interesting things. Tuesday Elder Johnson went to Tlaxiaco on divisions and Elder Castillo and I stayed home. He ended up with a cold and I with a migraine which then turned into a cold. So, we stayed home all day sleeping most of the day. 

Wednesday, He woke up a little better but I woke up worse. We went for Elder Johnson and didn't leave until lunch. We left and met a few people and the tried to leave me with someone else but we couldn't find anyone so Elder Johnson just did divisions again and we rested a little more. During that time, they called us and let us know that they had found Elder Castillo a Comp and he would leave the next day. So, to celebrate we made wings that some investigators sold us. They were good but I couldn't find my camera. 

The next day we left Elder Castillo with his new comp and we left for a few appt. In the middle of the day I get a call from Castillo saying he had my camera he put it in his back pack on accident, Huajuapan (his new area) is about 3 hours away from ours so I was super worried on how to get it back.

Friday, we did divisions with some elders that were having trouble. We went to help them out in their area and show a new elder how to work in the mission. I was in the other area and we ended up contacting all day and Elder Johnson and Lopez went to a fun ward activity. I did call Elder Castillo and luckily the members were going to the temple the next day so he gave it to a ward member to give it to me.

Saturday, we went for my camera at the temple. That’s why I took a pic. Then Pres called us and told us to be at the church at 8:30pm for interviews. We got there a little late then ended the interview at 9.40pm the We were on the way home with Pres when he stopped in front on a taco place. He bought us tacos and we ended up getting home at 11:15pm It was weird but it was President's fault. Sunday, we had our stake conference. I said goodbye to some members that I wouldn’t see again, but for some reason my camera battery was dead so I’m waiting on some photos. 

Let me know if you want anything from Mexico next week That will be the second to last time I write you so Last chance. I’m getting the nativity my last Pday 

I love you all 

Elder Mitchell Olsen

Making wings for Elder Castillo before he is transferred.
We were wondering why there was a random picture of the temple with Mitchell not in the picture and then we read his letter and found out that Elder Castillo had his camera in his backpack and was transferred 4 hours away.  Luckily the Ward members were having an outing to the temple and Mitchell was able to meet the members and pick up his camera. This is called a Tender Mercy.  I don't know how he would have gotten his camera back any other way.
The Missionaries are supposed to be home by 9:30 every night.  It's a standard rule in almost every mission.  Unless your Mission President takes you out for tacos on the way home.  How fun to spend some quailty time with Pres. and Sis. Conde.
A Rainy day in Oaxaca.
It was a rough week of being sick and having a migraine.  Can't wait to get him home and see if they will go away.  Mitchell has battled migraines his whole mission.  

Stake Conference

August 13, 2018 Trio... this time I'll explain

Dear mom and everyone,

So, this was fun week, On Monday they told us to go pick up our new comp, Elder Castillo, so that ended up taking a lot of our free time and the preaching time on Monday, oh well.

Tuesday, we did divisions. Elder Castillo and Johnson stayed together and I went with Melenje and Van Tassel. We had a fun day but I ended up sleeping on the floor. 

Wednesday, we went contacting and got rejected a lot but whatever. We went with a new family we are teaching the parents’ names are Antonio and Azucena. They are cool but they didn't want to accept a baptism date. Then we went with some members that haven't been in a while and had a lesson with them.

Thursday, we planned divisions with a youth but he fell through so we went the 3 of us to a few lessons but we got rained out and ended up in the house of a member most of the day. 

Saturday, we went with Alma and old investigator that we visit once in a while then we went and ate. Then we had English classes and we did divisions then. nobody ended up showing up for the class beside the youth that was with me. So, we went with a youth inv. that we had thought had moved but we found her. We had a cool lesson with her then I bought the kid that was with me tacos. Sunday, we went to Norma’s house to celebrate her mom’s birthday.  We tried getting her to church but they had to do some things for her mom. But the night we did divisions my comps found a part member family and they came. We had a lot of investigators at church but not a lot of members. oh well. 

Just 3 more weeks and I’ll see you guys again I can’t wait. I love you all!!

Elder Olsen
Random pictures from the week.  Elder Johnson and Elder Castillo
Mitchell likes to cook and he always takes a picture of the food he makes.  
Just outside the city of Oaxaca
This is the Gift that Mitchell is bringing home to Garrett. He is pretty excited about it.