Monday, February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018 Another Earthquake

Dear Mom and everyone,

This was a super cool week. The start was a FHE with a part member family. We got a few new investigators from it. We were going to have a fire but they decided not to, the kids were disappointed.

Tuesday, we spent a lot of the day tracting but we did find a few interested people. One of them was an elderly couple that was taking care of their grandson because his mom died. The grandpa is really sick We just said a prayer with them the first and I’m not sure if the man was just confused but he said that he had seen us before, but his wife said that they had never seen the missionaries before. Anyway, the next time we came back we taught the restoration of the priesthood quick and gave him a blessing. I don't know how long he'll last. 

Wednesday was weird. I got permission to go to the temple so We went out early for an appointment, then I had to buy the bus ticket but it was worth it then we came back a little later to study. While we studied the assistants call and ask where we were. Then they said ok well be there in 4 min. so we wait and the first assistant comes in then the next one... the like 30 secs later pres. it was unexpected but cool. The assistants did divisions with some other elders in the zone and we went and finished the day normal. 

Thursday, we went to Tehuantepec, about 20 minutes away for the conference. We talked about the same thing as the leadership council and then we had a special treat. We watched Coco. It was an awesome movie. and there’s a lot of cultural things that they show in the movie that are true. From there Elder Bills and I left for Oaxaca and Loosle stayed with Bill's comp. We got to Oaxaca and bought stuff to make hamburgers and slept in the offices.

Friday, we left early to do a session before the sealing. It was awesome to go through in Spanish and understand everything. I love going to the temple, it really is a special place. Then we got to watch the sealing. It was cool to see all the people from La Joya again. We went and ate with them after pictures and then we had to head back and yes, I was in the bus when the earthquake hit and didn’t feel it. A little town called Rio Grande was the only place in the mission that got hit but everyone is fine and there was no real damage where I am at, there have been a few aftershocks but I haven’t felt any. 

Saturday, we went back to work. That morning we had to do 5 interviews in an area about an hour away from ours so that was fun. 4 of them got baptized and the last will probably get baptized in 2 weeks. Then we ended the day with a few appt. 

Today was disappointing because last week the hammock guy said it would be done this week and now his saying Thursday so I was pretty mad about that but whatever I guess I have to learn some more patience. 

Well I love you all,

 Estamos en Salina Cruz y estamos comunicándonos con todos los misioneros pero algunas líneas están saturadas, con todos los que hemos contactado están bien, y no han habido daños en las ciudades, el Presidente está yendo hacia Juchitan
We are in Salina Cruz and we are communicating with all the missionaries but some lines are saturated, with everyone we have contacted are well, and there have been no damage to the cities, the president is going to juchitán


Monday, February 12, 2018

Feb 12, 2018 Conference at the Mission Home.

Dear Mom and everyone,

So, this week was a little stressful but we still had a lot of fun. but we didn’t teach a lot.

So, Tuesday was changes. that day was awful. so, we were waiting for people to get to Juchitán and there were blockades and were didn't know who was where or if there really were blockades or where they were. but everything came out bien. we sent a guy at 730am from here to Zicatela it should be about 4hours he got there at 7am the next day. so that kind of stinks.

Wednesday, we left for leadership council. so, we traveled almost all day and we got stuck for about 3 hours. we got there at 1130.

Thursday, we had the council. it was cool we talked about helping the other missionaries in divisions and trying to keep the excited in the work and obeying the rule. I was a cool council I learned a lot. we left the same afternoon but it was a straight drive so we got the a like 815 at night.

Friday, we did division with the new elders that are in the other half of our old area (we thought they were going to be hermanas but they changed their mind last minute) I went with the new guys and my comp went with another companionship. so, we did that and we got back Saturday in the afternoon. 

Sunday, we went to help out another missionary that is struggling so we went and applied what we had learned in the council so it worked out really well. I think we helped him out a lot but we’ll see how he does.

The new apartment was for the new missionaries. Before we worked in 2 wards called Xochicalcan and Niño Heroes. now we only work in Xochicalcan. We won’t be working with the senior couple because they will be working with the reconstruction of the members houses. I don’t need new socks all of mine are holding up really good and I have enough to last me 3 weeks without washing them. I bought milk that can last a while, mountain dew cereal and a few other things that I can’t remember in Sam’s. The offices are not a punishment, if you want to know more about it go to Loosle blog about a year ago he was secretary. Oh, and say thanks to everyone that gave me birthday and Christmas gifts. To the Heywood’s Grandma and everyone else. 

Well I love you all
So one of Mitchell's favorite things is chocolate covered almonds.  Every time I send him a package I want to send him some but I end up taking them out because they are too heavy.  Well Elder Hirsch's family was in Puerto Vallarta during Christmas, to they made arrangements to have some sent to Mitchell. Well, they have been with Elder Hirsch until this week because his companion was just transferred to Mitchell's area.  Thank you Tami Hirsch! 


 Conference with Pres. & Sis. Conde at the Mission Home.