Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nov 13, 2017 Finally a Normal Week

Dear Mom and everyone,

This was a pretty normal week, no conferences no crazy divisions nothing too strange. Okay we did have Elder Van Tassell with us for a day and a baptism but I’ll talk about that in a second.

So, Tuesday we had our district meeting and the sisters gave it is was interesting. They talked about the forms and the agendas we use and how to use them and everything. In the night we had choir practice, Oh yea we are in the branch choir so we had practice in the night. But before the practice we had a super cool lesson with a family we are working with. They put a baptism date for Dec 9th. I think they can make it, the only thing is they go out of town almost every weekend to see their daughter, the good thing is there is a church close to where they go so we just have to have them go over there.

Thursday, we had divisions, The DL wanted to be in a trio with another area so we took his comp. It was interesting but cool. Oh, I forgot, we had been trying to prepare someone all week for the baptism on Saturday actually two people, one of them was ready but the other wasn't that much so we were trying our best to get him ready, so we went Thursday and he didn't want to participate at all so we let it go to the interview on Friday.

Friday, we couldn't do much because we had the interviews and a ward activity so we did our best to be productive. We went with an eternal investigator to eat, the only reason she’s not a member is because she can't get married to her husband because he’s already married to someone else. So, we ate and gave a lesson to help them out. Then we get a call from President Conde. He wanted us to go to another area the same time as the baptism so we didn't get to go, we said it was better that the sisters go because the investigator likes them better. 

So, Saturday we went to the little branch in Coyul to teach some people in the church. We were expecting like 5 or 6 people but only 2 came. it was sad but they are almost ready to be baptized over there. 

So, it was an interesting normal week.

Well I love you all,

Nov 6, 2017 Elder Valenzuela the Area 70

Dear Mom and everyone,

This was another interesting week. Tuesday, we had a pretty busy day we taught twice standing up in a little store which was cool but my legs hurt afterward. Then we had to go and cancel a bunch of appt because we were going to a conference on Thursday and the had just told us that we left Wednesday so that was a bummer but we ended the day with a cool lesson with a family that’s progressing well. They are called Ruben Marisol and Rut. They actually gave us ties too, the ties are from a travel company that we use a lot. Mine is green and it says sur.

Wednesday we just got ready to go to Tehuantepec. We left at 300 and got there at 730. 

Thursday was super long but really cool. We had a conference with the area seventy Elder Valenzuela. He talked about how to find investigators and to always be finding new investigators. It was really cool I learned a lot and we having been applying it and having success. 

Friday, we came back in the morning and started working again right away. We went to look for some people to teach and found a few. Then in the afternoon we went to look for a river because we have an investigator that wants to be baptized in the river but I’m worried that she isn't ready. 

But Saturday we were super busy we ended up with like 6 lessons that day.

Sunday, we went to another branch that we are in charge of called Cooyal. It’s in a little prayer house that the church rents in a field of jicama. It’s a cool branch. 

Nothing really happened here for Day of the Dead. Neither for Halloween but it’s okay. The mission goes on.


I love you all.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Oct 30, 2017 Cruise Ship and Puppies

Dear Mom and everyone,

This was another interesting week, Tuesday we gave the district meeting and it came out well. We talked about leaving commitments. After the meeting we had Divisiones with the DL and I stayed here with his comp named Elder Van Tassell. It was cool, has a cool greeny that is going great, I think he'll be a leader soon. 

Wednesday, we had to pick up the Assistant, Elder Knapp, that stayed with us for divisiones. There was a blockade and nobody had service so we had no idea when he got here and he was traveling alone. They said he was probably getting there at like 10pm so we went to ward council and all of a sudden, he walks in. The Johnsons had found him and wanted to pull a joke on us. 

Thursday, we heard that a cruise came in so we went to the beach to check it out. It was cool and really big. We also went to a member’s house and she had a bunch of puppies. Then all of our appt fell through so we went looking for some referrals and they weren't interested but that doesn't matter just on to find new investigators.

Friday, we dropped off Elder Knapp at the bus. Then we looked for some more referrals but they weren't home, so we had an interview so we went to that it was cool we got back and it started to rain really hard. That was fun.

Saturday Pres calls and he says that he was here and wanted to go out with us. So, we went out and went tracting with him because our appt fell and it was super cool the way he talked to the people.

Well I love you all 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Oct 23, 2017 A Hard Week's Work

Dear Mom and everyone,

This week we have been working super hard, in the area and in the zone. Tuesday, we had an appt with a lady that has problems with her husband drinking, we went Tuesday because that’s his day off of work. We got there at noon, but he had to go to the doctor so we came back in the night and he was drunk, so we just left, but it was cool because we met someone else named Marisol. She is a young mom and she was super receptive, she’s just looking for the truth so we're going to see if we can teach it to her and if she'll accept it.

Wednesday we went to Puerto Escondido to do divisions with the district leader over there, the trip is expensive so we both went and stayed over there. My comp went to Rio Grande with the DL and I went to Zicatela to help out a greeny over there. It was cool. They have some cool investigators but they are struggling to help them progress, and to find more to teach. I was able to say hi to some members and my converts over there. They are doing well.

Thursday, we had an appt with a guy that had studied to be a catholic priest. He stopped studying because he found out the church wasn't true, but he didn't like us either. We came prepared that he might want content with us but he ended up listening until the end he pulled out his phone and looked up contradictions in the Book of Mormon and the bible. They were all super easy to explain very calmly and he accepted to see us again. 

Friday, all of our appt fell through so we went tracting most of the day and got some more appt for next week. 

Saturday was cool, we found 3 new investigators and 2 potential families. We had another lesson with the guy from Thursday Dasajev (dasahef). He had a problem with the celestial Kingdom but we talk him to pray about it. In the night we talked with a family that got really interested it was a cool lesson the really accepted the restoration but only the kids came to church on Sunday.

Sunday was crazy, we met a member from Tijuana Baja California. He had come late and wanted us to give him the sacrament the branch president said it was fine, then he wanted us to come with him to pick up his wife from the airport and that he had reference for us over there so we went he said that he had a bunch of care packages for the Istmo for the people that needed it for the earthquake. so, he came over in a boat and his wife came over Sunday. Then he asks if they could eat with us in the members house, the members said it was ok, and he invited the taxi driver to eat too. then they left it was really weird. But that’s the mission sometimes

Today, I got my hammock, its super nice it from the best string, it usually costs 2000 2500 pesos they gave it to me for 1100 its really comfy and handmade, they just got the color wrong, I wanted blue and black but they gave me like and orange and yellow but its fine. I also got a speaker because mine broke it’s a nice little Bose blue tooth and USB speaker, I think I’ll use it a home too. OH, and the ATM was just out of money so there was no problem, they didn't charge me so I took it out the other day. 

Well I love you all

Elder Olsen

Misión México Oaxaca

The first one it from a place called Argentinos, it Argentine food and of course I got BBQ ribs

 Then an iguana that we found in an abandoned house
 The people on the right is the guy from Baja Cali and the others are some members (they gave us a really good meal like a orange fish casserole)
 The last one is my hammock.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct 16, 2017 Zone/Leader Conference Results

Dear mom and everyone,

So, this week was an interesting one. We started out by going to the leadership council we talked about a lot of things how we can be better as leaders and how we can better help the other missionaries progress, in the work and personal. President told us that we need to have a model area, that everyone can look at and say, that’s how things should be. He also gave us the goal to baptize 10 people a month. That's crazy, I have 12 in the whole mission, so we have been working really hard to bring the area up to that level. 

Wednesday, we had our Zone conference, we talked about the same things that we talked about in the council. He told us to have more faith to work harder to set high goals, so that's what we did. Thursday, we had our weekly planning, we set goals and specific actions to gain those goals. To gain the goal of 10 baptisms we are looking for families, and we want to baptize them all together. So, we are trying to find people more at night, when everyone is done with work and home with their family. 

Thursday, we put the actions into practice looking for families tracting in the night and we had a little success but not a lot. We ask everyone for referrals we have had more success with asking everyone even the people we just met for people they know. That night we came home really tried.

Friday was the same we didn't have too many lessons this week just getting to know people, teaching them in front of their door, setting appointments. It's been fun but exhausting. 

Saturday more of the same and Sunday we kind of calmed down a little, but at the end of the week we ended up contacting and 20-30people and we have this week full of appointments. 

Huatulco is beautiful. being a ZL is cool but nothing really special. My comp is cool, we get along well and he has till march for his mission. Yes, the members feed us, they usually give us money here too. We haven't done splits yet but we are planning them on Wednesday. we have to go all the way to Rio Grande, it 3 hours away. cooling is fun we have an over but I’ll have to see if it works, I’m going to make some biscuits and gravy soon so that should be good. They've given us shrimp twice now but they don’t skin them so that makes it harder to eat. They Johnsons work more with the Less active but we do family home evenings together at a less actives house. and we live like 2 mins away from their house, it’s like having grandparents next door. The church is super close too like 1-minute walking. 

Well I love you all, I found a restaurant that’s really interesting it’s not open yet but we’ll see if I can go. And I found something amazing in the store today.

Elder Olsen

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Oct 10, 2017 Huatulco and Tag Picture

Here are more pictures Mitchell sent from his new area of Huatulco.  Now you can see why he didn't want to serve a mission in a beach area.  We now definitely need to plan on going back and visiting his mission after he gets home. Oaxaca, Mexico is beautiful.  He even has members that love us so much already that they want us to come and visit.  I received a Messenger Message from the family that Mitchell lived with for 5 months in Atyoac and says how much she loves him and how much she misses him.  She says he is a very special Missionary.  

Oct 10, 2017 Salina Cruz Zone Leader Conference

Dear mom and everyone again,

So yesterday we left and we went to Salina Cruz for leadership council it was cool. We left yesterday at 5 and we got there at like 8. We stayed at another elder’s house, it was in the middle of the damaged area but it didn't look like it. I sent pictures of the church ceiling. the council was cool we talked about training and our role in it and the district leaders and stuff like that it was cool. 

Huatulco is supercool its very pretty and it makes me want to not be a missionary here. Remember that I said that I never wanted to go to a mission with a beach well now I’ve had it twice. The earthquake didn't hit here. the work is slow we are trying to find new investigators I’ll let you know as the time goes by. Welp I love you

Elder Olsen

This is the same church that Pres. Conde was at when the earthquake hit.  Mitchell had a Zone Leader Conference there 

The following pictures are from Pres. Conde's Facebook Page.  He posted pictures of the Zone Leader Conference Mitchell attended in Salina Cruz