Tuesday, May 15, 2018

April 30, 2018 Another hardworking week

Dear Mom and everyone,

So, this week was fairly normal so I’ll just tell the exciting things. On Tuesday in the district meeting we all bought sushi because some sisters are ending their missions tomorrow so we had to celebrate, we decided sushi haha.

Wednesday we had to go to the burnt chicken truck to help the sister missionaries get a new house. We have had a lot of problems with the house owners here in a few areas so it was good to get one of them off the list. We got a nice comfortable house for them approved. The owner wanted them out on Friday with a weeks’ notice and they got out on Thursday so everything worked out well. 

Friday, we had to go to a place about a half an hour away to do an interview in Tlacalula, we couldn't get a bus until 8:15 because everything was full so we got to the interview at like 8:45. Got the interviews and I ended sleeping on a blanket on the floor because they only had 2 beds which was fun. 

Saturday, we got up really sleepy and got home quickly because we had another interview to do closer to our area. So, we got the interview done and went to eat. We then went home to take a nap because we were exhausted. Then we went to a FHE with that one sister that was going to get baptized but we had to leave early for a surprise interview. Everyone passed and I think we ended up with 7 or 8 baptisms in the zone. 

Sunday, we went to church we were disappointed by quite a few investigators but that’s the mission for you. We had hamburgers and french fries for lunch/dinner so that was fun.

Today we just did normal stuff, clean, shop wash clothes play soccer and basketball. I got protein powder which is fun. and nothing else.

For the call, I'm going to do it Sunday after we eat, like 6:30-7ish here we have everything set up for that. Oh, we had changes but we stayed the same. We had few changes this time in the zone. Everything is going great. We are working hard and looking for more people to teach. I'm going to end the mission working hard. 

I love you all
Bosque District and saying goodbye to the Hermanas
Getting the Hermanas settled in their new apartment
Making spaghetti on his 2 burner hot plate
Mitchell must have just realized that Mom sent him with several Trump ties.
He sure does like his Mountain Dew
His new area Bosque
Working Hard with his companion
The new suit
Dinner Appointment Book

Monday, April 23, 2018

April 23, 2018 The work continues and a new suit

Dear Mom and everyone,

So, another exciting week in the life of Elder Olsen. We have been working really hard this week. Monday, we found a new investigator that’s really cool. She's Christian so we offered to read the bible and we read 1 Corinthians 12. It was interesting.

Tuesday, we had Divisions with the assistants. I was with Elder Verkler. It was fun, we got to help a member make a compost for her garden. I got a few photos of it. We dug about 2-3 feet and filled it with garbage. Then in the night we went with the investigator from Monday. This time we met her daughter too, their names are Maura and Rut, they are a little older but we really got their attention with family history. We asked if she had any questions and she asked about work for the dead and we got to explain all of that it was a cool experience.

Wednesday, I went to get my new suit but they didn't have it ready yet because they didn't accept my card the last time so that’s when I paid for it and I went back for it Friday. Oh, and in the morning, we got a call. We were supposed to have a baptism this last week, but she talked to her husband that lives in Texas and he told her to wait. So that night we went and tried to help her and her two kids feel ready but they still decided to wait so we'll see what happens with them. It's just a matter of time for them. They watched all of the Conference and have attended almost every week for 2 months. 

Thursday, we went with Maura and Rut at night. They had some questions about the plan of salvation so we talked about that and answered all her questions. Then she started to ask about Joseph Smith and we left her a pamphlet of the restoration. 

Saturday, we went to a reference that we got on Friday. It was really cool because it was a part member family that has been waiting for the missionaries for about a year and just got into contact with some last week. So, we got to know them and they gave us dinner so that was cool. The parents didn't get baptized because they aren't married but they are about to get marries in 2 monthsish do we'll be helping them out.

Today we went and played soccer in the church it was fun.

This Sunday only one came so we are going to go out and see why they didn't come. But I'm really enjoying myself here.

Well, I love you all!
Service Project with Elder Verkler.  Making growing pots

Looks like Mitchell found more sushi
Playing Mexican Train in Mexico
Looking Sharp in his new suit
Looks like a yummy dinner

Friday, April 20, 2018

April 16, 2018 Scripture Mastery

Dear Mom and Everyone,

So, this week we worked super hard and have found some new people to teach. Tuesday, we went to our own district meeting so we didn't have to travel super far this week. After we had to stop the offices for some things Then we went out to eat and we left to work. We went to a less active that cuts hair. There we found a guy that took his kids to get their hair cut and we started talking and ended going to his house on Friday. He was really interested but is in the military so that will be hard. My time is running out so I’ll explain why I was with Hirsch. He's my dl and in the old house in his area there was a mistake with the electric bill. The owner is a member in our ward so we got with the bishop to work things out. But it looks like everything will work out. We were in a pueblo called Talixtac and that’s where we took the pic. Oh, and on Wednesday we put a goal to memories some scripture master so we’ve been working on that. I got down Alma 34:9-10 2 Nephi 32:8-9 and Mosiah 3:19 so that’s been fun.

sorry for the short letter but I love you all!

Dinner with Rosa from Last Week
It was Monday, April 2nd and I had had a long day at school.  I had just got home from working out and it was a beautiful evening and Allan and I were sitting out on the porch trying to decide what to eat.  My phone rang and I looked at the number and it was from Missouri. I said to myself oh, this is a solicitor (I've been getting a lot of those lately). It rang the second time, and then on the 3rd ring I decided to answer it.  A woman with a heavy Spanish accent said "Hello, my name is Rosa is this Sis Olsen?" I immediately said, "Si".  She told me she was in Oaxaca and she was with Elder Olsen.  I couldn't believe someone from Oaxaca was calling me.  I told her thank you for taking care of our son.  She told me she was feeding him dinner.  I again thanked her and told her to tell him I love him.  She told me that he speaks very good Spanish.  She then told me she would send me some pictures.  What a fun surprise!  We said good bye and then she sent these pictures.  We texted a picture of us back to her and again told her thank you.  I guess Mitchell and his companion were sitting at a bus stop needing to get back to their apartment.  Sis Rosa and her husband saw them and stopped and asked if they would like a ride home.  They ended up taking them to dinner which was right around the corner from where they lived.  What a tender mercy this was.  Just what a Missionary Momma needed on that night.  I miss him so much but so proud of his work and service.  They were visiting Oaxaca from Missouri for a business trip.

Elder Ledesma studying and Mitchell's favorite Black Bean Salsa
These are the Scriptures Mitchell is Memorizing
With Elder Hirsch 
A couple of weeks ago Mitchell asked if he could get a new suit. We only sent him with one suit and he has lost so much weight his suit is just hanging on him.  We told him he could could get a new one.  Here he is trying it on.  What a sharp looking kid!

He must have gone shopping at Walmart.  His brother, Connor, said this is a funny Hot Dog game.  
I think these are from his last Area in Juchitan before he left because Elder Bills is in this picture and he was in Mitchell's last area.

April 9, 2018 An Excitingly Normal Week

Dear Mom and Everyone,

So, this week we were just working normal al week. Tuesday, we went to a district meeting in a place called El Tule, its famous for a huge tree there so that was fun, I got to know more of the zone. Then we went tracting before we ate and we got 2 appt out of it so that was good. The food was good. They gave us Tlyaudas and we had a good time talking to them. I've been trying to get a hammock hanger in our house and he's going to help us out with that. 

Wednesday, we went to the district meeting in Nochixtlan. That place is famous because they put up a blockade and burned a truck full of chickens haha. It was kind of far so that could our whole morning so we got back and ate at a little restaurant. Then we went to a little pueblo called san Francisco Tochtlan (that means land of the bunnies) we went and all our appts fell through so we left and went tracting by the house.

Thursday, we had an interview with Pres, we just talked about agenda things. his planning on sending up to the temple but he still doesn't know when. Then we went and tracted by our house because everything fell through again. We ended up a ways from the house so we were waiting for the bus when Rosa and her husband stopped and told us to get in. They have been traveling looking for the famous Oaxaca embroidered blouses and we sent them to Juchit├ín to look for them. They want to make a business of them so look out for that. and they took us out to eat. We were going to get sushi but they ran out and we opted for hamburgers 

Friday, we had a FHE with a family and helped a less active young adult answer some questions because she's taking a philosophy in her collage. 

Saturday, we planned a few activities with our LM. We are going to a church tour and a talent show in their next few months so that should be fun. 

Today I looked at a suit I liked but it was a little more than I thought its about 2,500 pesos so it would be about 130ish dollars so I wanted to ask about it first and get it next week. 
Oh, and yea that's my desk. The owner has Wi-Fi and lives under us so I asked for the code haha. My comps good we get along well. and don’t worry I know to give away all my cloths and I’ll see what else I can get in the box to send home I’ll buy some more souvenirs next week and put the box in the offices.

 Love you all