Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dec 18, 2017 Early Changes Goodbye Johnson's and Elder Vasquez

Dear Mom and everyone,

This was a pretty sad and interesting week, Tuesday we were planning on going to Coyul, we were making calls and plans in the morning and we found out that the baptisms were postponed and the people couldn't go so we had to cancel going. We then had to make up the day as we went so we couldn't do a whole lot Tuesday. 

Wednesday, we had a bunch to do but in the end almost everything fell through. Although we did end the day with a really cool lesson branch council and tacos with Johnson’s and the sisters so it came out pretty well.

Thursday, was another busy day that had everything fall through, this time we did go to Coyul and when we got there nobody came so we went out and looked for some people and only found the mom of the investigator, we talked to her about getting her son married and came back. then in the night we went to a referral from Johnson and found a really cool part member family. The daughter is doing super well right now.

Friday, we Had to do some interviews in Santa Maria that eat up our whole afternoon, the we had a goodbye party for the Johnsons.

Saturday, we had a full day with a lot of cool lessons, and we had to wash because the Johnson’s were leaving and so was my comp so we had to take advantage. we end up being able to do everything and have dinner in a cool restaurant with a member. 

Sunday the Johnson’s left after the meeting and everyone said good bye, then we had to go and say goodbye and make it to two good bye things for elder Vazquez. it was interesting but we got it done it was a good day. 

Today I was the only elder here for about 5 hours, I almost stayed with the sisters, but then I went to a member’s job and got super bored but it was probably better.

My comp got changed and almost call of the district so that was interesting. The Johnson’s have left and there are none coming so that’s sad but whatever. I can do the call whenever Garrett can, when does he work? Felicidades to Erin and to Hunter!

Love you all

 Opening Christmas Presents with Elder Vasquez

 Mini Light Sabers

 Saying Goodbye to Elder Johnson

 Saying Goodbye to Elder Vasquez