Sunday, July 23, 2017

July 17, 2017 Guelaguetza

Dear mom and everyone,

As you all probably know this week has been a little different. Tuesday after writing we went to the members house that I knew introducing my knew comp. We didn't do much more because we had to do our shopping. 

Wednesday, I gave my first district meeting. I focused on sharing the time equally in the lesson and I think it went well. 

Thursday, In the morning we had a super cool meeting with Pres. and the assistants basically telling us what we had to do as trainers and trainees. Then in the afternoon I asked a member to show us where some less actives live but he was busy so he said that he would give us breakfast and then we would head out in his motocopter (he modified a bike to have spinners) I can't send the pic this week for the computer but I’ll send it. soon. 

So, Friday we get up early to get to his house on time we ate and left. He showed us where 3 less active families live and one of them had 6 nonmembers in the family so we are going to be working really hard with them and the other families to get them to church. 

Sunday, we woke up even earlier to go pick up the less active family in the truck of the member to bring them to out 8am church session. Only 3 came but we just met them so well see what happens. In the afternoon, some of the young men offered to show us around a different part so we went with them and met two more less active families. And 2 more investigators

Today we got up early again to go to the Guelaguetza which is this super cool culture event when all of the cultures of Oaxaca dance and put on a show. It was amazing and something you guys should see one day. I was able to download some photos of that. 

Well that was my week, I now have to report in the night with my district and make sure they are all ok.

Well I love you all

Elder Olsen

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