Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017 Working Hard and Hardly Working

Dear Mom 

This we was a little tough.

Tuesday we were going from one side of the area to the other. We went with a member with a reference that he had given us but 30 pesos and a walk later they wheren't there. So we went to meet some lessactives over there. After that we went to a person we had contacted in a motorcyle shop. she ended up being super busy nd we rescheduled. 

Wednesday was similar, some less actives that we had looked for sunday where still gone, but we did meat a drunk on the street which was cool. After lunch went to our appointment cancelled on us but we were able to get in a cool lesson with a less active named felix and his nonmember som sebastian. They are going well. 

Friday, I got to interview someone for baptism but it was so delayed that we couldn't go to the ward activity that night. But she passed which is the good thing. 

Today, We went to the centro to buy me pants (love you dad) and a little toy to figit with caled a spinner so thats cool. Oaxaca really is a beautiful city, We should really comeback after my mission to see the guelaguetza it's really amazing. 

Training is going well, I think Ive finally got the hang of it and being dl and trainer. everythings good and ive got pants that fit now.

Well I love you all 

Elder Olsen 

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