Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July 31, 2017 Finding Nuevos

Dear Mom and everyone,

This week was a little slow again, we are still looking for new people to teach but we were able to find some more people. Wednesday, we did have a Zone conference so that was cool. Pres. taught us the blessings we can have if we magnify our calling. It was super interesting he mainly taught us from DC 84. You guys should really read it. We finally got out of there at 4 o’clock ate and waited an hour and a half to get a bus to go to an FHE. When the bus finally gets there, we are an hour late for it. That was a little frustrating but it’s alright. 

Thursday was cool, we climbed a huge hill to get to a part member/less active family. We taught the importance of the Book of Mormon and challenged them to read it. Then our appointment at 6 canceled on us but it was ok because were running late so we had a good lesson with some recent converts.

Friday, we had interviews with Pres. so that was cool. He was super direct and I learned that we can run in the morning. In the afternoon, we changed our tiny fridge to a nice bigger one. and we started to go through our old investigators and found a bunch that we are going to contact this week. 

Saturday, we were going to an old investigator and so we walk into a really big neighborhood and walked and walk finally it started to rain so we took shelter and someone let us in their house gave us mole negro and cake because it was their son’s birthday, that was super cool. It ended up that they were old investigators so we talked a little and set an appointment. 

I'm super close to the temple but the new Pres. says we can only go if our investigators go through so that’s a bummer, the closest one I have can go through in about 4 months so we'll see what happens. My comps good Elder Jimenez is his name, he’s from the state of Mexico and is super cool. Cooking is really hard now because I have to report in the nights so that takes up most of my time at night. This kitchen is nice with the new fridge and table we have a gas stove and oven so that’s nice but we have to use the oven as storage or a cat gets in and eats our bread.

Well I love you all,

Elder Olsen

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